Place Name:West Abington (Township of)
NBI Structure Number:000000000020823
Route Sign Prefix:State Highway
Facility Carried:SR4020 L WINOLA RD
Feature Intersected:BR TUNKHANNOCK CREEK
Location:W ABING TWP 200' W SR4018
Year Built:1943
RecordType:Roadway is carried ON the structure
Level of Service:Mainline roadway
Owner:State Highway Agency
Highway Agency District:04
Maintenance Responsibility:State Highway Agency
Functional Class:Minor Collector, Rural
Service On Bridge:Highway
Service Under Bridge:Waterway
Latitude:41 32 23.00 N
Longitude:75 47 01.00 W
Material Design:Concrete
Design Construction:Culvert (includes frame culverts)
Approach Material Design:Other
Approach Design Construction:Other
Structure Length (m):6.1
Approach Roadway Width (m):7.3
Lanes on Structure:2
Average Daily Traffic:532
Year of Average Daily Traffic:2012
Design Load:M 18
Scour:Bridge foundations determined to be stable for the assessed or calculated scour condition.
Bridge Railings:Do not meet currently acceptable standards.
Historical Significance:Bridge is not eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.
# of Spans in Main Structure:1
Bridge Median:No Median
StructureFlared:No flare
Transitions:Does not meet currently acceptable standards.
Approach Guardrail:Does not meet currently acceptable standards.
Approach Guardrail Ends:Does not meet currently acceptable standards.
Navigation Control:No Navigation Control on waterway (bridge permit not required).
Structure Open?:Open, no restrictions
Deck:Not Applicable
Superstructure:Not Applicable
Substructure:Not Applicable
Structural Evaluation:Equal to present minimum criteria
Sufficiency Rating (%):96.9